Experience Japan by Staying at a Temple Lodging.
“TERAHAKU,” a search and reservation website for temples and shrines across the country that offer lodging.
Use “TERAHAKU” to participate in training workshops for Zen meditation, hand-copying sutra and morning religious services, to come into contact with traditional culture rooted in each region, and to experience the charms of traveling that can only be had through interacting with local residents.

Temples and Shrines

Through TERAHAKU, it is possible to make reservations at any temple or shrine facility. Stay at a temple and shrine lodging that is making use of its open space and talk with the monks and priests. You can refresh yourself in mind and body by spending a special time away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

Training Workshops Too

At temple lodgings, you can participate in a variety of training workshops, including Zen meditation, hand-copying sutra, waterfall training, yoga, and more. Spending time coming in contact with aspects of Japanese culture, such as the tea ceremony and flower arrangement, and viewing Japanese gardens and seasonal landscapes will provide you with many new observations.

All Across Japan

The number of temples and shrines that offer lodging is increasing rapidly. It is easy to make reservations online or from your smartphone even for temples and shrines that did not used to accept lodgers from among the general public. Using TERAHAKU brings you closer to temples and shrines all across Japan.


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