The Features of TERAHAKU


The “TERAHAKU” website enables you to search for temple lodgings and make reservations.

“TERAHAKU” means “lodging at a temple.”

The website name “TERAHAKU (TERA = temple; HAKU = stay)” is designed to urge visitors to “feel free to stay at a temple or shrine.”
We do not list any regular hotels or inns. This website is exclusively for temple or shrine lodgings.
The aim of “TERAHAKU” is to be a website that enables users to stay at temples or shrines and discover new trips that no one else has ever experienced.


Temple lodgings are accommodations located within temples or shrines.

Temple lodgings are now open to travelers and tourists!

In the past, only ascetics and pilgrims could stay at temple lodgings, but now, there has been an increase in the number of temple lodgings that accept travelers from among the general public.
As these temple and shrine facilities are rooted in their various local areas, it is possible to experience accommodations that have a feel different from those during a typical tourism trip.
Another aspect only available at a temple lodgings is the ability to experience deep interaction with the Buddhist and Shinto priests as well as with the local residents.


Temple lodgings offer more than just accommodations.

At temple lodgings, you can also experience a variety of workshops.

At temple lodgings, it is possible to participate in training workshops such as Zen Meditation, Hand-Copying Sutra, Waterfull Training and more.
It is also possible to have experiences unavailable during your normal daily life, including coming into contact with traditional industries and culture that only exist in a particular local area as well as participating in festivals.
“TERAHAKU,” which is exclusively for temple lodgings, is the website perfect for people looking for hands-on style trips.


Use “TERAHAKU” to search for a temple lodging in line with your purpose, including area, workshops and more!

First, search to see what kinds of temple lodgings exist in which areas. You can also search for temple lodgings by the kinds of training activities you would like to experience.

Once you find a temple lodging that you like, proceed immediately to the Reservations page.

The introduction page for each temple lodging lists that temple or shrine’s history and culture, conveniences located within the lodging facility, the atmosphere of the rooms, details of lodging plans, etc. Once you decide where to stay, proceed immediately to the Reservations page.

The beginning of an exciting trip.
Refresh yourself in mind and body by staying at a temple lodging.

Once your reservation is complete, all that is left to do is wait for your departure day.
When you arrive at the temple lodging, please enjoy passing the time in a very non-typical way, such as participating in training workshops and coming into contact with the local residents.