Kyoto45 Donomae Teramachi, Ayabe, Kyoto
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"Limited to 1 party per stay" Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience at a temple hidden in the picturesque mountain valley of Ayabe in Kyoto.


SHOUREKIJI (Deluxe Family Suite)

Room Details & Plans

Built more than 100 years ago, the building is a spacious accommodation with more than 100m² of total living space. Limited to one party (1-4 adults) per stay, it is equipped with a Japanese room and ...

Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience at a temple hidden in the picturesque mountain valley of Ayabe in Kyoto.

Going back in time to 942, Ichino Hijiri, also known as Kūya Shōnin, engraved the statue of Kannon here at NATISAN SHOUREKIJI. Although the Buddhist statue is only open to the public once every 33 years, there are many other cultural assets in close proximity for an enriching historical experience.

Furthermore, a traditional Japanese landscape garden, known as Karesansui, that was created during the Edo period attracts visitors from all over and is a must see for those of you fond of Japanese gardens.

And if that wasn’t enough, you are also able to take part in Buddhist activities such as Zen meditation or hand-copying sutra during your stay. Depending on the season, you can even have the opportunity to enjoy Zen meditation in a bamboo forest.

During periods of stagnant cold air, you can enjoy the cloud sea that covers the Yura River in the early morning hours. Only lodgers are able to experience the true pleasure beginning a new day amidst this magnificent scenery.

Temple Overview

Sect:Shingon Buddhism
Principal Image:Kanzeon Bosatsu (Avalokitesvara)
Cultural Assets:Kenpon Chakushoku Butsunehanzu - Important Cultural Property (Japan), Statue of Thousand-Armed Kannon Bosatsu - Designated Cultural Property (Ayabe), Statue of Kenpo Chakushoku Shaka Sanzon Juroku Zenshin –zu, Wooden Standing Statue of Fudō Myoō

The Chief Monk

“To live is by respecting and helping each other.”
“Create your own destiny while taking in the wisdom of others who care about you deeply.”

With this in mind, activities such as canoeing and fishing are on offer allowing you to enjoy the abundant nature that makes up Ayabe alongside other popular activities such as Zen meditation or hand-copying sutra.

As for meals, these will be prepared in their traditional manner by the chief monk himself. Not only will you be able to enjoy an authentic Buddhist vegetarian meal during your stay but meat and fish dishes will also be served giving you the best of both worlds.


    Zen Meditation
    Hand-copying Sutra
    Morning Religious Service
    Waterfall Training / Cold-water Ablution
    Homa / Prayer
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Introduction of Accomodation

Within NATISAN SHOUREKIJI is a residence Deluxe Family Suite. As this residence is limited to one party (1-4 people) per stay, guests will have access to the entire residence for complete privacy.

From the guest room, you will be able to look out and see the adjoining mountain range and the Yura River, which runs in between the mountains.

Although the building itself is over 100 years old, it has been fully renovated bringing the residence up to speed for the 21st Century.

How does experiencing Zen meditation while in a bamboo forest sound? This is possible here at NATISAN SHOUREKIJI.

But that’s not all as they have activities for those who cherish the great outdoors with canoeing being just a few examples.


  • Garden
  • Parking Area (no reservation necessary)


NATISAN SHOUREKIJI Kyoto 45 Donomae Teramachi, Ayabe, Kyoto 35.292251 135.262964
¥20,000~/ stay


Kyoto45 Donomae Teramachi, Ayabe, Kyoto
Zen MeditationHand-copying SutraMorning Religious ServiceWaterfall Training / Cold-water AblutionHoma / PrayerOther

Kyoto 45 Donomae Teramachi, Ayabe, Kyoto

Train: From JR Kyoto Station, take the train to JR Ayabe Station. After arriving at JR Ayabe Station, exit and walk for 30 minutes.
Car: 10 minutes from Ayabe IC of the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway