ShimaneYunotsu-cho, Oda City, Shimane Prefecture
Yunotsu General Gymnasium, Yunotsu General Playground
Other Ajikan Meditation Hand-copying Sutra Tracing a Buddhist Image Painting Chanting Sutras Homa / Prayer




"Limited to 1 party per stay" - Leave the world behind and come to the temple in the sky. The Sea of Japan spreading out below your eyes tints red in the evening sun and night sky glows with a blanket of stars. This temple has safeguarded women since ancient times.


Mandara-no-ma (Room with mandara pictures)

Room Details & Plans

The building originally used as the main hall of Shimizudaishi-ji is now used as a shukubō for guests to stay. Because of this, the atmosphere of the main temple hall remains all throughout the room. ...

The shukubō is located in the Iwami area of Shimane Prefecture, an area that is sandwiched between the mountains and the sea.

The temple has an old history. It is said that it was started in the year 812 when Kōbō Daishi Kūkai prayed for the coming of Kanzeon Bosatsu. Also, legend has it that Kōbō Daishi instructed the local people how to grow Japanese persimmon. The “Shimizu-gaki” persimmon that is grown around the area is sometimes referred to as “Kōbō-gaki.”

The “Sukuyōkyō” sutra is one of the Esoteric Buddhist scriptures brought in by Kōbō Daishi from Tang.
Astrology (Esoteric Buddhist Sukuyōkyō Astrology) is conducted by a nun named Fumika at Shimizudaishi-ji, a temple that has a close connection with Kōbō Daishi. Visitors can consult her about their worries or doubts.

Shimizudaishi-ji commands a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan and Yunotsu.
Nearby, there is the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The silver taken from Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, formerly one of the world’s top-class silver output locations, was carried to Yunotsu-okidomari on Ginzan-kaido Road running through the foot of the mountain.

Surrounded by the sea, mountains, and sky, Shimizudaishi-ji is appropriately titled a “temple in the sky”.

Why not spend an amazing time exploring Shimizudaishi-ji and the nearby UNESCO World Heritage site Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine?

Temple Overview

Temple Name:Shimizudaishi-ji
Sect:Kōyasan Shingon Sect
Principal Image: Taizōkai Dainichi Nyorai
Cultural Assets:Sasayaki no Amida Nyorai, Mikaeri Enmei Jizō-son (the 21st site of the Chugoku Jizō-son pilgrimage), Handprint monument of Kōbō Daishi Kūkai (treasured article), Ryōkai Mandara (treasured article), and so on.


  • Shimizudaishi-ji
  • Shimizudaishi-ji
    Ajikan Meditation
  • Shimizudaishi-ji
    Hand-copying Sutra
  • Shimizudaishi-ji
    Tracing a Buddhist Image
  • Shimizudaishi-ji
  • Shimizudaishi-ji
    Chanting Sutras
  • Shimizudaishi-ji
    Homa / Prayer
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Introduction of Accomodation

The shukubō building was originally used as the main hall of Shimizudaishi-ji.
Guests (limited to one group per day) will stay in the renovated 23 tatami mat size room with a large balcony facing a garden.

You’ll notice the world of Buddha right before your eyes as the ceiling depicts several beautifully drawn mandara.

If fascinated by the mandara pictures above your head, you can experience “Mandara painting” using five colors of Esoteric Buddhism during your stay.

In addition, you can walk around the temple premises including the main hall and Daishi-dō building freely.
At the temple café, which was created by renovating a section of the temple kitchen, you can enjoy coffee, black tea, sweets, chef’s choice lunches, Buddhist cuisine and more. (However, the café is open irregularly. Reservation required.)


  • Parking Area (no reservation necessary)
  • Tea Lounge


・Smoking is prohibited within the premises.
・No pets are allowed to stay.
・Parties and events are prohibited.

We would appreciate your respect of the shukubō as it is an accommodation inside of a temple.

Access to Shimizudaishi-ji

Shimizudaishi-ji Shimane Yunotsu-cho, Oda City, Shimane Prefecture 408 Kohama-i, 35.089533 132.372683
¥15,400~/ stay


ShimaneYunotsu-cho, Oda City, Shimane Prefecture
Yunotsu General Gymnasium, Yunotsu General Playground
OtherAjikan MeditationHand-copying SutraTracing a Buddhist ImagePaintingChanting SutrasHoma / Prayer

Shimane Yunotsu-cho, Oda City, Shimane Prefecture 408 Kohama-i,

Train: about a 30-minute walk from Yunotsu Station on the JR Sanin Main Line
Car: about a 25-minute car ride from Gotsu Interchange on the Sanindo Expressway / about a 70-minute car ride from Izumo Interchange on the Sanindo Expressway
Plane: about a 90-minute car ride from Izumo Enmusubi Airport / about a 105-minute car ride from Hagi Iwami Airport