TERAHAKU Insurance


TERAHAKU automatically provides all lodgers with compensation for TERAHAKU Insurance (domestic travel accident insurance) at the same time that the reservation is made.
Temples and shrines contain many important cultural properties. This service, which is only available at TERAHAKU, enables you to stay with peace of mind as you are protected against the possibility of accidentally damaging one of the properties during your stay.
In addition, insurance claims in the event of damage to the temple or shrine will be entrusted to WAQOO Agency Co., Ltd.

Contents of compensation by TERAHAKU

Death or physical impediment due to injury: A maximum of 3 million JPY
When obligated to pay: A maximum of 10 million JPY

Insurance premium per person

Up to 2-days,
Up to 4-days,
Up to 7-days,
Up to 14-days,
Up to 15-days,
Up to 1 month
95 JPY 103 JPY 109 JPY 129 JPY 179 JPY 227 JPY

Point of contact

TERAHAKU Insurance Customer Service Counter at WAQOO Co., Ltd.
Business hours: weekdays 10:00~18:00 (Closed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

WAQOO Co., Ltd. is an insurance handling agency for Tokio Marine Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd